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Question BMR and Weight Loss ???

So i'm trying to lose weight, i'm 16 years old, 275 lbs (since I checked last weekend) and 6'1". On this website I found my BMR is 2604 calories a day. So that means thats what my body burns if I did absolutely nothing every day. Where I'm confused is that i usually only eat around 2000 calories a day. I don't seem to be losing any weight, and i'v been doing this without realizing it for a few months. Also I just started using an exercise bike which burns about 500-600 calories for an hour of riding. Is it the foods that I eat? It's not like I eat deep fried twinkies or anything, basically what a normal teenager eats. Would It be possible to lose 75 pounds in a year? Also what motivation techniques can I use to push myself to exercise?
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