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Originally Posted by aimeet_1 View Post

Also--in the past- I was only eating 2 large meals per day and starting 2 weeks ago I have been eating 3 smaller meals with light snacks 2 x per day. Any other tips ppl would like to share?
Are your journaling your food intake? Exercise is great however calorie intake needs to be controlled for weight loss. The best way to control it is to be aware of calories in and out.

Good week so far. The road to my office is closed so another snow day - and more exercise snow blowing. I booked a physio assessment for later this week. Time to deal with some mobility issues.

Restarting Jan 11th, 2014
Starting weight: 201.6
Current weight: June 9, 2014 181.4
June 30th goal = 170

Ultimate goal Undecided ? 150 to be assessed once maintained for a while
Height 5' 3"
Age 67
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