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Good Afternoon everyone- I've recently rejoined the weight loss journey. I've been going to the gym (doing excercise classes & elipticals) for 2 weeks now-- going about 5 x per week. I'm 42 yo and it seems like my metabolism must be at a complete standstill. I weighed myself when I started 2 weeks ago-- 204 lbs. Then again this a.m. and it was only 202lbs. A little disappointing that I have only lost 1 lb per week (considering all the workouts and eating healthy I've been doing), but I suppose it's better than the scale going the other way.

One thing I have been really bad about in the past in hydration. Starting today I am increasing my water intake to at least 2-3 glasses per day. I have also bought some green tea and want to drink at least 2-3 glasses of that per day in addition. I hope that will help.

Also--in the past- I was only eating 2 large meals per day and starting 2 weeks ago I have been eating 3 smaller meals with light snacks 2 x per day. Any other tips ppl would like to share?
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