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Hi, all.

Sorry I've been AWOL a couple of days. Busy weekend / Monday.

Well... if you remember, when I joined this group and got serious about my diet / exercise, the goal was to increase my fertility. The goal was to get my but as healthy as possible and then try again.

So I've dropped 9.8 pounds in a month -- and surprise, surprise -- I'm pregnant. I'm in total disbelief. And it's very early, so I still need bloodwork, etc. to make sure all is well.

But... my goals will be changing. Assuming this bean sticks around, I'll be looking to maintain / slowly gain now. I'm going to stick around and keep tracking.

But I won't be restricting calories much and I'm switching to walking and prenatal yoga.

Thank you all for helping me stick to it. I don't think this pregnancy is a fluke. I definitely think my good behavior helped us succeed.
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