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I'm finally back on Weight Watchers after being successful with it over 10 years ago, when I lost 30 lbs. Over time, I put back on about 18 of those pounds and now I'm ready to lose those plus another 12 for another 30 lbs. It only took me roughly 6 months to do it, which is a fair amount of time to lose weight (and keep off). I don't work out, though I do go for 1/2 hour walk about 3x a week and do free weights--I do try and stay active rather than sedentary though I'm sitting for most of my day @ work. I don't bank any points for activity though and I should mention--I'm doing the same WW program that I did 10 years ago, which I believe was called either Weight Watchers 1-2-3 or Winning Points--one or the other. I'm not counting protein, there's no way I'm not counting points in some fruits/vegs, and I'm not banking some ridiculous number of points per week either. I just started on Thursday and by Sunday I was down 2 lbs. Weight Watchers works if you are truly disciplined with the points counting (which if you are a creature of habit and eat a lot of the same foods, shouldn't be a problem). Would love to hear from anyone else doing the program, especially dinner ideas and recipes...thanks!!
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