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Default Help please!

Hi everyone. I just read about the ketogenic diet and couldn't be more interested.
For the past two weeks I have been on a calorie deficit ( I eat less than 900 calories a day) and workout everyday (for now I'm just doing the Insanity program at home). However, I don't feel or see any differences.
I completely eliminated rice, pasta, bread, potatoes... The carbs I have are from fruit, vegetables, and a small amount of cereals I eat in the morning. Still, I am trying to cut the carbs to lower than 50 g.
I wanted to lose at least 50 lbs and was wondering if the ketogenic diet would help. I have some questions though, if the protein is too low won't I lose muscle?
And isn't eating such a high amount of fat prejudicial? Also I'm not used to eating so much fat so I don't know how to start. Any help would be much appreciated!
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