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Good morning fitday friends I got up a little late today after turning my alarm off when it went off this morning. I woke up about 20 minutes later, looked at the time and that little voice in my head was there saying "it's too later for you to get in your workout now...just skip it this can always do it this afternoon". You know that voice that talks you out of what you commited to doing? In September when I started to try to lose weight....again....I commited to getting in a workout in the morning before work 5 days a week because in the afternoon the kids are home and it's not easy to get in a workout. Of course, things come up like I get sick or the kids get sick and I have had to miss a morning workout, but talking myself out of my commitment is not a good reason to miss a workout. So I took my own advice and didn't let what I couldn't do stop me from what I could do. After over sleeping, I no longer had time to do my regular 40 minute workout, but when I designed my workouts, I also planned a shorter option for time crunched days. I got out of bed and did the shorter 30 minute option and then hustled my butt to quickly get ready for work. That voice in my head that tries to talk me out of my commitments is getting quieter over time and the voice that encourages me and reminds me why I'm doing this is getting louder! What could have been a crappy start to my that left me feeling like I should have got up and got in my workout....turned out to be a great start to my day and now I feel accomplished and focused on my goals.

Wishing you all a awesome day, one full of accomplishments towards you goals. Even if they seem small, remember over time, those small accomplishments add up to big changes!

Libby - Sorry to hear your furnace is still not running! It's damned cold too...thank goodness you have a wood stove to you have some source of heat. Hang in there girl!

Tori - Welcome back! Looking forward to reading your posts. Sounds like you've had a really rough year...I'm glad to hear you're looking to the future.

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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