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A few years ago, I bought a very small portable DVD player at Radio Shack - on sale - for less than $50. I charged up the battery every time I took a train into the city and relied on it for times when I had to wait with nothing to do. I always had a movie to watch with some cheap headphones, or a CD of music for listening. Today, I still have that little DVD player going in the background while I work on my finances or sort papers. It's been great.

Check out amazon and see what's the least expensive. In Russia, you'll probably need some device for plugging it in to their type of outlet (you plug it in to charge it, but I often just watch while it's plugged in) But then, that's always the case when you travel. Oh, yeah - I took my little DVD player on a trip across the country (U.S.) by train!

If you have an iPad, you can download stuff from iTunes and that's extremely cheap - probably a lot is free, although I've only downloaded some TV episodes ('The IT Crowd') which I bought. Once downloaded to your iPad, I don't believe you need WiFi to watch them. One thing I've noticed about my little DVD player is that the battery charge lasts long than my iPad's for continuous use.

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