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Default No DVD player; where can I find *high-intensity, no-equipment* cardio videos?

So I'll be going to Moscow this summer and will probably not have much access to a gym. I'm not worried about strength training because I'm a pilates instructor and know quite a bit about that already, but I'm concerned about cardio: the dorms at Moscow State have no WiFi and my computer has nothing into which I can put a CD (I've got a little MacBook). Yes, I can go running, but I much prefer cardio routines/videos to boring, monotonous cardio... sure, I can do intervals by myself, but I would rather be able to shut my brain off and follow an instructor.

So basically I wanna know where I can download cardio routines onto my phone and computer so I can have them without Internet access. I have some from Google Play, but they're WAY too easy. Can anybody help me out?
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