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Originally Posted by piwacket View Post
doesn't drinking a lot of tea keep you up at night? My diet is great all day until late at night when I start to snack. I'm afraid that the tea would keep me up and then I would start to snack again.

I am just starting to diet and I have a lot to lose (90lbs). Wish me luck and better yet, good discipline. I could eat anything and never gained weight until I reached about 45 yrs. Now at 58, I am determined to get this weight off. First lesson; I can't eat whatever I want anymore....bummer! Good thing I love fruit, vegetables and fish:
It does contain theine, it's actually the same thing as caffeine, from the eyes of a chemist their both the same compound. It will keep you up at night if you drink a litre just before going to bed. The amount of theine is much lower than the amount you would find in an average cup of coffee. I drink green tea an hour before bed time (a cup of it) and I fall asleep the same way I would without it.

For a diet, it's healthy because two things occur, first it's a minus calorie type of food (your body burns energy by consuming it) and it makes your digestion flow faster. There are numerous health side-effects (good ones) as well.

I buy them frequently online, a nice source.

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