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I'm not a low carber but I do appreciate the way fitday displays protein fat and carb (and alcohol) ratios.

When you log your foods, just look to the right at the pie chart that will display below your calorie intake so far. It should be a pie chart showing the percentage of carbs, protein, fats - and if you drank alcohol that day, alcohol will show up.

This is the default chart 'calorie intake.' It is set and can be changed in your settings. I think it's a great visual display for what your daily food macros have been. What amazes me (as someone who is heavily into carbs as a quasi-vegetarian) is how much fat there is in your unadulterated natural food before you ever add any fats. You see fat right away on your pie chart next to your food log. You will see all your carbs, as a percentage of your calories, show up. And Protein. And alcohol, if you have wine with dinner.

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