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Lizzy crawled into my head and took my answer .

Seriously, what she does is exactly the advice I would give. Yes, I eat hamburger and steak, though I eat chicken more. The only additional thing I do other than what Lizzy described is if I use ground beef in something like pasta sauce or casserole or tacos, I rinse it in a colander in the sink after I cook it, in order to wash away any remaining fat. I read that somewhere about 15 years ago and have just always done it. Our grocery store has 93% lean ground beef and if you use very lean beef it's really not much different calorically from chicken.

Sometimes I use pork tenderloin, also very lean, trimming off all visible fat. I either roast it or make barbecue (I hear Weight Watchers has an excellent barbecue pork recipe..try Google and see if you can find it if interested). Fish, yes, shrimp, yes, Greek yogurt...big thumbs up. I have almonds or pistachios or walnuts for snacks and Cabot makes a 75% reduced fat cheese that is 60 calories an ounce and something like 9 grams of protein. When our deli puts the good lunchmeat on sale (no fillers), I buy it and snack on it, plain.

Looks like you have some good ideas above to work with. Congrats on your loss so far!

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