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Hi Mary - When I first started (this time around!) to lose weight, I came back to fitday and started by counting calories and upping my activity. I too found the scale to predict my mood and it still does to a point. I haven't counted calories since was driving me crazy and I was obsessed with the calorie number as well as the scale number. I decided to just do my best to eat well focus on my fitness level and to stop counting calories and "let the chips fall where they may" so to speak. By removing the calorie counting and focusing on exercise and trusting in myself to eat well, that it would be enough to get the scale moving. As a result, I've felt much less frustrated, the scale doesn't affect me the same way it used to before I focused on fitness and I've lost 20 pounds!

If you don't mind counting calories, then maybe you could remove the scale frustration. If you stick to your calorie allotment and exercise faithfully and regularly, then the scale will move in the right direction and your fitness level will increase....and if you're no longer weighing it can't get you down!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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