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Default Top 13 Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight

Which cardio exercises are best for losing weight and how much weight should I aim to lose per week?
Your focus should be to burn one pound of body fat per week. Try creating a deficit of 500 calories per day for a total of 3,500 calories per week. There is 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat. The best approach is to fuel your body with high nutrient food and burn off the 500 calories through high intensity cardio. This will keep your metabolism high.
The best cardio exercise is simply the one you will do day in and day out consistently. Choose one which you enjoy doing and don't be afraid to mix the exercises up. Interval cardio work consists of moving from one exercise to another in set time intervals. For example, you could do the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes, then switch to the stationary bike for another 15 minutes and finish off on the treadmill for the last 15 minutes. Interval training is a great way to keep everything fresh! There are two schools of thought when it comes to cardio training. The "slow & steady" group and the "high intensity" group.

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