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Originally Posted by Sblicken View Post

I made the mistake of trying phentermine 37.5 . I was on it off and on for a month. I stopped after christmas for a week then restarted. I recently restarted it for 5 days and now have been off for 1.

Honestly, I stopped because I really wasn't losing anything and gained the insight that this is just a band aid fix. So, I have made an appointment with a nutritionist and counselor to fix this problem.

However, my worry is when I was on phen I didn't eat any more than 800 calories and exercised a long time. What is now going to happen when add more calories even though they are good ones?

Anyone encounter this? Suggestions/opinions??

Its honestly a toss up. Yes, you could gain a few pounds while your body adjust to the new way of eating. But you might not. The healthier route is the best one and safest. Honestly, you should not be below 1200 calories a day. As you change the way you live, take it day by day and think less on the outside and more about what you are doing to your insides. You want to live? You have to eat, and eat healthy. Give it a few weeks. Feel free to friend me, more then happy to help you where you need it.
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