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hello all
Sorry about missing yesterday. I wish all best for those with bad relationship problems with family. I look back and reaalize what great parents I had. We did no much together as a family. Trips with my mom and dad. Time spent with sisters and brothers helping each other out.One of my sisters and I share expenses and house payment. Nether of us could make it on our own. My oldest brother isi helping us by paying the electric bill for us. We all live with in about 50 miles of each other except the oldest in VIrginia.
We are still close even after our parents passed on.
I am in the boat with those who are having a bad week. I did stay with inmy calorie limit to day first time in a long time. I see light at the end of the tunnel.

my goals
1 log every thing eat m-n,t-n, w-y,
2 post every day m-n, t-y,w-y
3 drink 8 cups of water m-y,t-n
4 2 veg and 2 fruits a day. m-n,t-y,w-veggies yes friut no
5 exercise light my back and hip are tender.

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