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hi Kathy, the dr. didn't say anything but that someday i'd need a knee replacement...when I went to pay for my knee brace, I did talk to the physical therapist that fitted me for the brace....she said it's good to stay active & that light lifting is good because it strengthens the muscles around the knee to support it....No, I don't belong to a Y or gym...I have a lot of equipment at home though.... bench with leg ext & curl attachment, lat pulldown/triceps pressdown mach, treadmill, wavemaster, speed bag, eliptical, healthrider, all kinds of weights,stability ball, stationary bike, etc...I didn't think the hiking/walking or riding bike would be high impact like say....jogging, running, basketball, tennis.....things that would have you jump, run & turn directions quickly....I also go to a very good herbologist that has me taking things that, hopefully, will support healthy cartilage, bones, & tendons....I feel good on the hikes/walks....I don't push it....I just do them cautiously & not at a big pace....which is why I don't feel like I get my heart rate up very high....I do like to swim, & will in the summer, but I won't join a y just to use their far as the weight loss goes, I've been more active with the commitment of the new year, & I have a lot of weapons (equipment) at my disposal, I just think I need to be committed & diligent at exercising regularly & eating (for the most part) properly, and watching portion size.....and seriously cut down on "treats" ice cream is not what I should have in my!!
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