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Hi amylee-flippin eck 43lbs in 7weeks that is amazing! A massive well done! How did you do that-you must have worked really hard. I love chicken and turkey but i know it can get a bit boring. I usually get some which is pre-marinated in different seasonings at the supermarket. Chilli and coriander,lemon and pepper,garlic and herb etc.
I grill and bake alot of fish which is a great source of protein and of course low in fat and really quick. Try salmon parcels-wrap a piece in baking parchment or foil (like an envelope) and add some soy,ginger,chilli,half a lemon and few sprigs of coriander and bake til cooked. Its really juicy and tastes good with some roasted veggies or egg noodles. I also have supplies of tinned tuna and mackerel thats nice and quick if aint time to cook and i have these with salad. Eggs are also a great source of protein so omelettes,frittata or poached with asparagus and black pepper. I also like making my own crabcakes with tinned variety using sweet potato and chillies. Not sure if ive helped but hope youve got some new ideas to get am idea from. Keep up the good work! Oh yeah try beanburgers or making your own mini meat ones with turkey mince or extra lean mince-just add some breadcrumbs,herbs and egg to bind,form in patties and cook in frylight to brown and put in oven 15mins til cooked through. Good luck
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