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Hi all. A day late but I am here. I had a bad weekend and an even worse Monday. I was so tired last night I had french bread and jam for super. I am a bit stiff today from 5 days in a row. The bakery job is very phyisical. I am adding a new goal this week. I am eating my lunch right now. French bread no butter or jam, lettuce a nd spinach salad with ranch dressing (Not to much though) and baked chicken (no skin). Any goals this week are

my goals
1 log every thing eat m-n
2 post every day m-n
3 drink 8 cups of water m-y
4 2 veg and 2 fruits a day. m-n
5 exercise light my back and hip are tender.

I liked the quote at the begining of the thread. Here is an other one to remember

Yesterday is History, tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, that's why it is called the present.
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