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Default Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution

Hey everyone...I am new here, but not new to dieting and trying to get healthy
I have been an on again off again low carber for years and while I know that the yo-yo'ing is bad! I have suffered some setbacks, but I always go back to this's why:

1) I have pre-diabetes and this plan keeps my blood sugar in check better than any other.
2) when I eat bread or pasta in any form, it causes me to get shaky and my heart to race, but when I stay away I feel normal and great!
3) I have had great success with losing weight, among other many benefits of a low carb diet, while not feeling hungry or deprived. There are low carb versions of just about everything out there now...
4) I can think clearer, I am in a brain fog when I eat without regard, including all the carby foods you can think of.
5) There is such a misunderstanding with this way of eating...a lot of people say you can't not eat carbs, that's so unhealthy! Well you ARE eating carbs, just in the form of healthy vegetables and some low sugar, high antioxidant fruits, your giving your brain and body the best form of carbohydrate there is.
6) Three separate doctors, an ER doctor, my family doctor, and a resident at my local hospital all have told me that its great that I want to follow that plan. There are health care providers that are on the bandwagon and have done the research to see the many benefits of cutting out refined and simple carbohydrates, such as that it is a high carbohydrate diet of our western society that has led to the increase in obesity and heart disease..not a high fat diet. In fact many fats are healthy for you and your heart and can actually help you lose weight.

With all of that preaching, (sorry), I restarted this plan yesterday and have lost 3.8 lbs of water weight since then and I already feel better. I am looking forward to many more days of eating this way but moving on to fat loss, and finally reaching my goals.

Anyone else out there follow a LC diet and want to add anything please do and thanks for letting me say my piece!
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