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I am a meat eater, and I will not give up red meat. And let's face it: there's only so many ways to dress up a boneless skinless chicken breast. You can make it part of a healthy lifestyle if you buy the leanest cuts you can, and are mindful of portion sizes. I use ground sirloin because it's at least 90% lean, and because it's so lean, you don't get the puddle of grease and you don't have to drain it, it doesn't really cook down, so you can use 3/4 lb where you would normally use a full pound of hamburger. That helps to offset the higher price. Some people will mix ground beef with ground turkey to get the flavor of beef with less fat/calories. I also make stew and pot roast, again using the leanest cuts I can find and trimming all visible fat off. Top round roast sliced very thin makes a mean stir fry, I use garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, some water chestnuts and bamboo, and some beef broth and cornstarch to make a sauce.

I also like fish, though I can't get the rest of the family on board with that. The hubs does like shrimp, so I'm looking for more shrimp recipes. I've also been thinking about getting a grilling basket, so I can make myself fish when I'm grilling him chicken.

I also make scrambled eggs with one whole egg and 2 whites. I often will throw in spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, or whatever other veggies are on hand. Greek yogurt is awesome, I have this forum to thank for that find. Those individual packets of tuna fish are perfect for one sandwich or on a salad. Hard boiled eggs and string cheese sticks come in handy too.
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