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Default Hardcore Green Smoothie diet

This is my first time posting on a diet forum. Im hoping to get some good
feedback from other green smoothie enthusiasts...

I am an entrepreneur of sorts and recently landed a starring role in an Inde film. I am farmiliar with, "the camera adds 10lbs" rule and was not surprised to see a fatter version of myself in some final takes. Needless to say, I was not happy and also not alone in my disapproval, so my director put me on the Green Smoothie diet.
I have to lose at least 10 lbs of body fat in the next 2 weeks so my diet will consist almost entirely of smoothies. I'm making about 3 qts a day and following the 70/30 vegi to fruit ratio. It tastes pretty much like one would imagine...salad in a blender. The apples and pears are completely overpowered and contribute more to the consistency than to the taste. Tomorrow morning will be only my second day so I have plenty of time yet for trial and error.

Day 1: 3 qts consumed/endless trips to the bathroom/note to self- don't eat onions/starving all day/massive headache at night.
So any tips or comments to make this more bearable would be very appreciated!
Thank you
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