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I love a good homemade veggie soup but it really doesn't fill me up for long unless it's a thick creamy tomato based soup.

Try all of your ingredients in a huge non stick pan on high heat. I use some of the same veggies but add cooked egg whites, crushed red, white, black pepper, cumin (I love cumin and put it in almost everything) and Thai spices. I normally add green beans to mine. I give it an occasional shot of olive oil spray while constantly tossing it.

You can also grill all of it in a grill pan that has tiny holes so the stuff doesn't fall through.

I live a low carb lifestyle but love fried rice so I will sometimes add a small amount of rice (a cooked cup) for the whole pan and I can eat as much as I want without blowing my calories or macros that day. It does not taste like "diet food" at all. It's really just a healthier way of eating and it actually taste better than any takeout IMO.
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