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Hey to all of you here! :-)

Sarah, you've asked me where I come from? Croatia. So if I make some mistakes in my english - sorry! :-)

About little treats to myself - I'm not a fan of doing it when I'm alone, but when someone is with me then, somehow, it's easier. Why? Can't explain.

Hickonthehill, you say it's snowing in Scotland? Jesus!!! :-/ That's why is here in Croatia is so cold and rainy :-/
Sorry, but I can't give you any advice with your diet because I'm not doing any of it, just working my ass out of exercise and watch out on my calories a little bit, but I eat almost all (but I can't even look at the chocolate :-D). I hope the girls here will have more to share with you.
Btw, I've been in Scotland last winter for a New Year's - A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!! ;-)
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