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Quick fly-by note on the subject of getting older:

Yesterday I told my 9 year old grandson he should have worn his heavier winter coat to school. He told me, but in a respectful tone, "I think maybe you feel colder because you're an old grandma." I told him he needs a winter coat because of the outdoor temperature, not because of how cold or warm his grandma feels.

I also told him that I pray that when he is 67 years old like me, he is as healthy as I am and that 67 seems old to him, but my doctor says I'm really healthy for my age. And I have a good, active mind and at my age can supervise three school age children and babysit an almost 5 month old baby. And that's what counts.

His reply was just a smile. LOL

Feel good about your age. It's just a number.
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