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Originally Posted by farahb7 View Post
very detailed list, Thank you Almeeker!
another question for you, it was actually wanabefitgirl's question that has got my attention too, how did you decide on your weight goal? i'm shorter than you and i have 125lb as my weight goal, now i'm thinking maybe i need to adjust the goal?
I'm 5'-1 1/2", but I usually round up to 5'-2. I set my goal weight at 120 after quite a bit of research, both on-line and through the medical community. My orthopedic surgeon classified my skeleton as "delicate", which would be sort of funny if you knew me (I've been called a lot of things but "delicate" isn't one of them). But alas it's true, I'm a fat girl that cannot blame her weight on being "big boned". I have tiny feet (size 6.5), tiny hands (wedding ring is size 5), tiny teeth (the dentist goes on and on, it's sort of annoying), the only thing average on me is the diameter of my skull, which my mother will attest to. The only large things on me are my jugs, so I gave myself an extra 5 pounds. Pretty much every calculation I found (on-line or otherwise) said I should weigh between 100 and 135 pounds. My regular doc and my knee doc both recommended that I weigh 115 (smack dab in the middle of the range), given my frame, life style and the condition of my knees and back. My knees are pre-arthritic, one of them has been reassembled more than once, I also have degenerative disc disease.
Starting weight: 244.6 lbs. 10/01/09
Pounds lost: 80.6 lbs
Current weight: 164 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs
Weight to go: 44 lbs
Goal Date: 1/1/13
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