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Hi Jodie,

I'm a mid 30s mom of 2 young kids. I work part time and the rest of the time I keep everyone on track. Sometimes it is to my own detriment!! The only thing that has kept me sane and on the right track is my career. I took vacation last week - at home, but realized that staying home makes me want to eat and do nothing since I don't feel motivated. I don't think I gained any weight back, but I definitely didn't lose!!

I started out at 147 lb in January. I used a personal trainer for 3 months and am now working out on my own at a gym at my work. My original goal was 130 lb, but I soon realized that I was putting on muscle and the weight wasn't coming off, but I was getting thinner. I revised my goal to 135 lb and am almost there!! I may continue on as I may be able to reach my original goal!
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