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Good morning all! Checking in with day 19 of my current 30 day rotation which was a 40 minute HIIT workout alternating upper body (focusing on biceps) and cardio. Awesome workout! I'm feeling stronger today than I did yesterday, but I still find my lung capacity is not what it was.

Cassie - I too have a carcass in my freezer My sister's company bought turkeys for all it's employees and doubled the order to donate the extra turkeys to homeless shelters/soup kitchens over the holiday season. Well it turned out many of the employees didn't want a turkey and the shelter could only take a few turkeys. My sister ended up with 20 turkeys and couldn't even give them away. I ended up taking one and now will have to cook it up at some point and find creative ways to use all the meat. My kids don't eat meat, so it's only me and my husband. I'll definitely make a soup with the bones and I guess I'll be eating turkey wraps for months to come!

Becca - I've spent so much money and time on workout dvds over the years, that I ended up coming up with my own workouts and rotation. I named each of my current workouts and made a calendar like you would see in these expensive dvd series. I named them funny names....sort of a tougne in cheek funny...because sometimes I think the commercial fitness industry is ridiculous. Yes.....simple things amuse me My workout today was called Bodacious Biceps! Although the names are funny, the workouts are no joke! I could market this stuff!

Libby - If you're clothes are fitting loser and you haven't lost any weight on the scale, that can only mean one're changing your body composition!!!! Losing fat/gaining muscle looks sooooo much nicer than just 'losing weight'! Simply dieting to lose weight will help you lose some body fat, but also you'll lose muscle. If you do resistance training while reducing calories, you'll lose body fat but you'll maintain muscle and/or even gain some muscle! more muscle = faster metabolism = easier to maintain fat lost in the long term! ......but you already new all that right

Have a great day all!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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