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Default I'm glad to be here

Hi everyone. My name is Sascha and as you've already guessed, i am a new member of the fitday community. Thanks for having me!

What brought me here? Mmmmm.......there are probably a million ways i could answer this question but i'll only give a few answers.

Number 1: I want to be accountable for my health again. I recently lost someone close to me due to health complications no doubt brought on by obesity and diabetes among other health things. I am also pre-diabetic.

Number 2: I am tired of feeling tired all the time. Sleep is all i ever want to do and i know that that is NOT normal

Number 3: I want a body i can be proud of. I'm tired of having to hide the unflattering parts

Number 4: I want to learn good habits for life. Yo-yo dieting never worked long term for anyone and its not healthy. I want to be around and be healthy for myself, my family and my friends. I want to be an inspiration for my family to get healthy.

Well that's it. In the bigger scheme of things, i am not starting off at a terrible point - i am not obese and i am healthy enough to do what needs to be done. I guess i just need some encouragement. And for anyone who's interested, i will be following paleo as that will not only allow me to lose the weight/fat, it will help tremendously with my blood sugar levels as well.

Thanks for listening guys and gals and all the best for 2014
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