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Default Binge episodes

I am new to the site and just wanted to share something in hope of support from people who have experienced the same thing.
I have been on a weight loss journey for around 18 months, and have lost nearly 3 stone. I would like to lose a further 1 stone 7 to get me in to a healthy BMI range. However I am struggling with infrequent "binge episodes" whereby around once a week I will get an overwhelming urge for sweet foods, especially chocolate, cakes etc. (all the forbidden fruits)
Although I have always had a sweet tooth, most of the time I am so used to my daily routine that these things to not bother me or even tempt me. However when this urge appears I can not resist temptation and end up feeling terrible after it. I am scared that in time, this will hinder my weight loss and maybe even make me put on all the weight I have lost and more.
I know I am not alone in this, and it is a growing issue in society but was wondering if anyone has any tips or hints to help me fight this overwhelming urge and what other people do when they too experience it?
All answers will be much appreciated.
Best Wishes,
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