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I've been a yo-yo dieter most of my life. From a low of 114 lbs as a teen to a high 180s in my mid-50s - MOST of the time between age 20 & 50 bouncing between 120 and 150. My optimal range is 128 - 134 for my height and age (60). I've always known that for me, upping my exercise and doing a journal of what I eat is the best/most successful way to keep things in balance & at a good weight. After my mother passed away I had to deal with a lot of family stress/drama/finances and I went from good work-out/food habits to no exercise & bad food habits - specifically snacking in front of the TV late at night which only added about 1/3 pound a week but over three years - yeah, I put on almost 50 lbs. Was SHOCKED when I saw the number on my scale Jan 2nd and realized I had a BMI of over 30. SO - back to journalling my exercise & intake via FitDay. I don't believe what's said about "past 40" it's harder - I think it's just that women in their teens, 20s, 30s are bouncing around more because of life-style and that's why they lose faster. I've been doing FitDay for six days now and I love feeling back in control - just a day or so away from getting under the 30 BMI mark. Hoping to use this space to start a dialog with other women in the same place as I (needing to drop a significant amount).
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