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I missed my old (not in years, in aquaintance) FD buddies and am so glad to see new ones.

Mern: HI!!!!! Right back atcha with the good wishes and the admiration of meal plan. Yours looked yummy!!! That wrap sounds great. Gota get wraps ( as soon as it is warm enough to venture out, might not make that goal today.) You must be doing something right to get that scale moving. You've inspired me to make a turkey soup.

Mike: You like goal 7, be nicer to spouse, huh? You've been with us. You trying to tell me something lol? Glad The Count is back BTW!!!

Libby: You're doing great!!! Keep going!!!

Debbie: I'm glad your fever broke. Hope you feel better ASAP.

Hi Erin: I've been getting up early too to get things done. Do you find it helps?

HEY Cassie!!! Happy New Year to you, girl!!!! It's wonderful to see you back!!! I've been doing great. How `bout you?

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