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Hi, Hope! Big hugs to you...Happy New Year! How have you been?

I second congrats to Mern on dropping on the scale; nice going! May your success continue this week and beyond (in my Buzz Lightyear voice )

Mike, the number 3 is it for this week,eh? Can anyone NOT read your post in the Count's voice? Stopped in the grocery store on the way home; they were putting out king cakes and I thought about you.

Libby, your week looks great so far, and I just noticed you've made great progress since you started. Nice job!

Debbie, sorry you are still under the weather . Did I see in another post that you were going to curl up with an iPad and check out recipes? Sounds like an awesome way to spend some down time. Speedy recovery to you.

Erin, good luck with the busy schedule. You sound like a woman with a plan; you'll make it happen.

Hope everyone enjoyed a good start to the week

Simple goals again; dipped toes in last week; this week I'll go up to my knees...

Post daily
Log everything
Exercise 5 days
Make good choices
Take vitamins

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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