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Originally Posted by laurielewlew View Post
My gyno nurse practioner suggested I do a low glycemic diet because of my insulin resistiance. What did you do? Is it something you found online or a book?
I don't have insulin resistance but I've been a Type 1 (insulin dependent and hyper insulin-sensitive) diabetic for 15 years. You're right to look toward a plan that is based on eating predominantly lower glycemic index foods. For me, I've been following the basic premise of South Beach for the last three years -- not to lose weight, so I don't eat reduced-fat cheeses (I don't eat more than an ounce or two at most each day) and I do use a tablespoon of half and half total in my coffee each day, but the SBD way of eating is built upon the premise of eating whole, fresh foods. Lean meats/proteins, lots and LOTS of veggies, and whole grains, if you're able to handle them with your IR (I can't handle starchy carbs, even whole grain/whole wheat pastas and breads) really well, though I do eat two slices of whole wheat bread or rye bread with breakfast every day.

Most of my meals are based around veggies as the dominant component. For instance, I'll make an enormous salad for dinner, with 6 ounces romaine or green leaf lettuce, and use about 2-3 ounces of protein to "fill out" the meal. Often I'll have a small carb side, only one serving, as I weigh, measure, count and calculate every single gram of carbohydrate that I eat (it determines my meal doses of insulin so it has to be precise and accurate). Or I'll steam some broccoli with an ounce of melted cheese atop, and the same small carb side (I find that I can handle certain carbs fairly well, and veggie carbs VERY well, since they're so low GI), and that's dinner. For lunches, when I'm working (just lost my second job in 1.5 years due to a layoff), I'll either have a similar salad or buy those "steam fresh" veggies and steam a bag of those (~120 calories per bag) with an ounce of melted cheese atop. Sometimes an ounce of brown rice, but only an ounce or two, no more than that, because rice is another iffy food for me.

If you have any other questions, please ask. You have the right knowledge and awareness with being insulin resistant -- it's all about the carbs with diabetes/IR, and when you're eating fresh, whole foods, your carb intake is naturally going to be reduced.
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