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Geez, Cassie, I don't think you are aware of how inspiring YOU are to others here. You must have been dogged tired after working until 3AM and then to do the treadmill and maybe even weights after that is amazing.

I, too, love being around people who have figured out what works for them as well as those who are still gathering information from other members and from other diet plans. I remember several months ago someone (maybe Robin) asked me what happened to my magic diet (or words similar to that). In searching for more ways to lower my triglycerides, I had been experimenting with Diet Free Life by Robert Ferguson. His plan has to do with combining protein, fats, and carbs in such a way as to boost metabolism to achieve better weight loss and better health. It was a really wonderful plan and was working well for me, but it was so overly time consuming for me to learn that I eventually abandoned that idea and went back to my previous goals and way of eating, but tried to be better at it plus be more motivated to exercise.

We are all different, and have different ways, but are able to share this journey and learn from each other. My time away from this group's support always results in weight gain and lack of motivation.
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