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Debbie, that's wonderful that you were so pro-active on learning to self-manage your Crohn's Disease without meds even before you had computer access! Wow, you are one lucky lady to halve a husband who helps keep you bananced, helping to alleviate or prevent stress. Seems like exercise is also a key factor in managing virtually any disease or disorder. My hat is off to you! Yeah, I admit to getting pretty talkative and asking a lot of questions. OMG, my heart goes out to you and to your father. I wish him comfort, peace, and as much wellness as he can garner out of his circumstances.

Libby, I just now joined your Friday Weigh-In. Luckily I had weighed myself that day. Thanks for the invitation. Great job on your post! I have almost reached my food limits for the day so at 6PM and not having yet eaten my evening meal, I have left only 3 oz. chicken, half a raw green pepper with Laughing Cow (low fat) cheese spread, and a protein shake with flaxmeal. But if I spread them out efficiently, I should not have to go to bed hungry.

Erin, thanks for your compassion. I've read a couple articles that said there may be a link between statin medication, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. Veterans of this thread--the following is nothing new to you, so you can skip it--just repeating my experience and ideas for our new members who haven't read it. My Mom was diagnosed with BOTH dementia and Parkinson's after 12 years on statins. When I asked my current doctor about it, she replied "Well, I have seen more 'memory problems' among patients who take statins than those who don't" but she said as far as she knows no links to dementia or Parkinson's have been proven. My heart goes out to you, your grandmother, and all your family. My siblings who take statin medication think maybe Mom's brain was so messed up that she didn't know it--that five minutes later she didn't remember that she thought a family member or health professional was trying to kill her, even though severe paranoia was a daily state of mind for her. My siblings are more afraid of having a heart attack from high cholesterol than sucummbing to dementia, so even though statin meds are not for me, I must respect their decision and the decision of anyone here who chooses to take them. I don't try to force my opinions on anyone--just share when I think someone may be interested in my viewpoint.
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