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Hi Mern! I too am fortunate that I can manage my health without the use of meds. When I was diagnosed in 1994, the doc offered meds. I said I wanted a little time to see if I could find a way to manage it on my own. At that time, there was no internet...well at least I had no access I went to the local library, in the small town I grew up in, to read what I could about diet and nutrition. Lucky for me, I discovered what works for me and I'm one of those that can help myself through lifestyle. Lucky me!! My sister-in-law, unfortunately, is not so lucky. I've been relatively healthy since my diagnosis through stress reduction and dietary changes, I've also seen the other side through my sister-in-law....and it can be quite different. I'm so lucky that if I mostly stay away from processed foods, keep stress low and exercise diligently, I'm able to live my life with little disturbance! My husband is a huge contributor! Honestly, without him my stress would be so much higher! Lucky for me, I've found a partner that brings balance to my I do to least I hope so Crohn's does rear it's ugly head monthly or so, but on a daily basis, I'm blessed!

This post is much longer than I intended! I'm guessing you have that effect on people Thank you for father is doing much better. He has leukemia and will never be 100% well again, but luckily he has recovered from dementia. I would say he's nearly 90% himself again...I'll take it! I'm literally moved to tears nearly every time I see him....but I keep that to myself What he has been through (lengthy story) has stumped the doctors here in Canada. They're actually using him as a case study in their medical journals for other doctors to learn from....incredible!! My dad is a feisty and tenacious man....whom I respect tremendously!

I'll have to check out your and Cassie's recipes. I'll be sure to let you know if I post any new recipes so you don't miss them!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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