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Red face My current measurements...gulp.

These are my current measurements, I'm on my third day of juices and healthy eating. I also went the gym today and followed my routine, for dinner I had 2 small poached eggs on dry brown toast. For breakfast I had a smoothie consisting of celery, half a granny smith apple, kiwi fruit, blueberries, spinach and ice.

Left upper arm - 11 inches
Right upper arm - 11 inches
Bust - 35 and a half inches
Waist - 29 inches
Hips - 38 inches
Butt! - 40 inches
Left thigh - 23 and a half inches
Right thigh - 24 and a half inches
Left calve - 14 and a quarter inches
Right calve - 14 and a half inches

As you can see, I'm very bottom heavy - I've always had a big bum, even when I was a size 6, so as you can imagine when my weight has gone up so has my bum!

Let's hope I start shedding some inches...
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