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Big hugs.

I've struggled with infertility as well. It's heartbreaking and lonely.

First... keep hope. We're struggling to conceive No. 2 now -- but we were successful once and have an awesome two-year-old little girl.

Second... Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist? If not. Get there ASAP. That was the best decision I ever made. And get your DH checked out too.

When my RE first saw me, he put me on a fertility diet. No. 1 rule was no sugar, no pasta, no rice, no tortillas etc. That was really hard for me, but after a while it got easier.

Sugars found in whole fruits were OK as were other carb-y produce items like potatoes. They OKed a couple of slices of bread a day as long as I chose whole wheat with low sugar.

If I wanted something grainy, I could have wild rice or quinoa.

They also told me no trans fats and to get as much protein from plants sources (beans, nuts, peas) as possible vs. meat.

Also no low-fat dairy. Go with whole milk, full fat cheeses, etc. Something in low-fat dairy hinders ovulation.

They also prescribe an hour of walking every day.

I did these things and dropped 13 pounds in a month. Then I dropped more over the next few months. We were trying IUIs during this time without success (my husband had fertility issues too).

Then we tried IVF. About that time, I entered my healthy weight range, and we got pregnant the first time.

Now we've been trying for No. 2 without success and I know it's my weight. It's back up, so for the past week I've been back on the wagon. I dropped four pounds this week.

I'm hoping to drop another 15-20 pounds and try another embryo transfer in March or April.

Good luck and hang in there.
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