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Default Eat only when feeling hungry to lose 2 stone

Having lost over 2 stone on WW, and put it all back on when I stopped going, I am thinking of using the Paul Mckenna method.

It consists of eating when hungry, not starving hungry I suppose, but waiting till you have hunger pangs.

Then combined with good choices and slow eating, is supposed to retrain our minds (which is where the problem is) to eat what we need, not what we want.

Although WW was good for me, I donīt want to go back again, as I start to obsess when dieting.

I seem to spend all my waking hours thinking about the food and points.

I think this migght be good for me, but would like to know if anyone else is doing this "plan".

Happy new year, and wishing you all sucess in 2014.
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