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Hey runbikeski it kinda was an advantage to cut back. I dont really have a huge social life- through the week i have a few good friends who visit for a coffee but weekends i prefer to spend them with my partner. I used to find that drinking at home with friends and family used to be a bit OTT-lets just say my house became somewhere for people to come and use just for a place to get drunk. We didnt enjoy that and so we began to keep it how we like it. Just the 2 of us,drinking at a sensible pace and listening to the music we want and singing along. We havent done it for months now but instead we have found a lovely quiet bar where we can have a couple on an afternoon and come home-merry but not totally wrecked. It has slowed me down weight loss wise but if i just stick to my allowance i can still lose it,just takes alot more hard work!
Ive learnt now just to drink if im really in the mood not just because its the weekend. Now if i have a drink its worth it because i dont do it often and its more of a pleasure,it actually tastes much better when i drink now because i dont do it as much. But i do also know just after 2 and im tipsy. Ive grown up alot nd left the binge drinking behind. Im 25 with kids. Others friends still like to get drunk every weekend but i dont want to be hungover when kids return home-its not fair to lie on sofa being ill when they want to play. Im not saying im never going to have a wild one again i will but not to the point when im totally wrecked i cant move. Ive learnt when to stop- i know when ive had enough now. Ive also figured out that drinking is a thing to be enjoyed in moderation but not as a way to block emotions and please others. This is where the problems start. I was always known as the party girl who knows how to let her hair down but it gets boring after a while now im seen as fun with or without the alcohol! I just think theres more to fridays and saturdays now instead of the boozing. Like enjoying the peace and lie ins til kids get back! Bliss
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