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Hey Libby...great job!!!! I wish I could say the same of myself. I was so focused on hitting my NYE target, that New Year's Day I went way off the rails. I do think that I needed the day break...I feel satisfied and re-energized.

I see you added your NYE weight, so I did the same. It's amazing to see my numbers for the past 14 weeks...all over the place! Up and down like a see-saw! Notice I didn't reference a yo-yo! LOL!

Baxtman1: 216.5, 211.5
Beccafries: 143.6,
Libby116: 168, 167.3, 169, 169.7
LilDebbieG: 134.8, 134.4, 136.2, 133.4, 133.6, 130.4, 133, 133.2, 130.8, 129.6, 128.8, 127.4, 130.4, 126.8, 128.6

"Weight loss is like driving: If you ever veer off the road, just make a u-turn and head back in the right direction.."

Highest Weight - 143 lbs (03/Sept/13)
Short Term Goal - 136.6 lbs (31/Oct/14)
Current Weight - 136.4 lbs (10/Oct/14) Back to a healthy BMI!
Goal Weight - 114 lbs (aiming for March 31, 2015!!)
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