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I had a quite day. did some sewing and took a nap. When my sister got up from her nap we tried to get spot in the pet carrier. My sister lost control adn spot clawed her a bit and then got away. Will have t call the vet in the mroning and make a new appointment think I might see if we can get a seditive and see if that is less tramatic on her and us. Spot by the way is a 9 month old cat. All her brothers and sisters turned out tbe very nice cats, don't know what is wrong with this one. She is in season and we need to get her spade. If any one has any ideas I am open for trying any thing right now.
I did so so today. I am better then yesterday. I am going to be stricter on myself tomorrow. THank you all for the support and just being here everyday. I need this to keep me going and I wasnt to loose about 30 pounds by July.
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