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Cassie, thanks for your encouragement on my restart. You are doing well, too. Isn't there some myth about if you do something for 17 days in a row it will become habit? Or maybe I'm just an exception to the rule--it takes way longer than that for me. I got in part of my exercise today by laying 4 month old great-granddaughter on the floor on a blanket and dangling my resistance band above her (just so she could grasp it but not strangle on it or put it in her mouth) while I did the aerobic walking steps. She seemed to enjoy the new game. I got a chuckle out of reading your son and DH were playing Xbox instead of cleaning the basement. Thanks for the offer of your basement if I lived closer. So that won't work, but USPS has that shipping bargain "If it fits [in the box] it ships." Beware if the postman heads to your door with a box big enough to hold a 6' 1" man.

Erin, kudos on resisting the binge eating last night. Evenings are hardest for me, too. I've been trying to plan ahead for my evening snack to avoid binges. Eating 6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones also helps me keep from binging most of the time. I think because eating that way helps stabilize blood sugar so cuts down on cravings. It's usually carbs that I crave. I have been known to binge on occasion despite my knowing how to not do that. Your little one sounds adorable--and like quite a workout. "Hokey pickey" (how cute is that!) does sound like cardio now that I think about it.

Libby, congrats on another great report! Best wishes on your weigh in day.
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