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I am new on FitDay today. But certainly NOT new to dieting or any of the issues revolving around being overweight. I've done all the diets (or thought I was doing them) and have been in all the clubs and paid for most of the programs. After all of that I believe that loosing wgt faster makes no difference in whether the wgt comes back or not or how quickly the wgt will come back on - so I'm an advocate of quicker is better.

Several months ago I went through a program using the HCG diet and lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks. I was very happy about that - although I needed to loose about 20 more. I'm going to start back on the HCG diet next week and am hoping for at least the same if not better results.

I'm glad to see that on FitDay there is no judging going on. Or there isn't supposed to be. I mean - who are we to point fingers?

So, I'll be checking back here to see what people have to say and I'll keep you posted on this my latest attempt to loose weight and feel better.
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