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Sounds like you have a solid plan! The only thing I question (and this is just my personal opinion) why are you going to consume most of your fruits and veggies by juicing them? They will be a lot more filling if you eat them in a whole state because you'll be consuming more fibre. I personally don't buy into the notion that our bodies can't absorb the nutrients in fruits and veggies unless they're pureed or juiced first. I think that notion is hyped by the media as a way to sell more kitchen gadgets. Just my opinion

Best of luck to you! There's an accountability and motivational thread going here on fitday. You're welcome to join us there! WEIGHT LOSS > Motivation and Support
Motivational Thread Starting 12/30/2013--Resolution Time Motivational Thread Starting 12/30/2013--Resolution Time (They start a new thread weekly, so if you don't join in this week, look for a new thread)

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!

46 days = 46 workouts!
July 18th - Sept 1st
8/46 workouts completed
3 workout days missed!

Starting Weight - 143 lbs (3/Sept/13)
Starting Weight - 132 lbs. (18/July/14)
Current Weight - 128.8 lbs (25/July/14)

Short Term Goal - 125 lbs (4/August/14) BEACH VACATION! 7 lbs. in 17 days...can I do it?!?!
Goal Weight - 114 lbs (aiming for 31/Oct/14!!)
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