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Restart report beginning with Wednesday:

Calories: 1200-1600 per day 1228
Sat fat average: maximum 12% of total calories 11%
Dietary cholesterol average: maximum of 250mg per day 227mg
Fiber average: minimum 25g per day 40g
Protein average: minimum 120g per day 127g
Net Carbs average (total carbs less fiber): maximum 25g per day 20g
Exercise: 3 days per week for first three months. Any extra is a bonus 1
Water 64 oz. per day. Lost track--probably closer to 48 oz.

Cassie, you are so right about needing my stamina to keep up with my great-granddaughter. Noticing how stiff I am getting up and down from the floor playtime is what spurred me to restart. I hope you can help your son find balance in work and free time before he heads off for college. I know it's not easy for those who are driven to work hard for success. Geez, I wish I'd had a basement to put my husband in a couple days ago when he was so crabby. LOL

Libby, great restart yesterday! I never did learn to knit or quilt. Wasn't interested in doing it myself, but surely do admire the artistry of others.

Mike, looking forward to seeing your goals Monday.

Erin, welcome back to Fitday. Glad you joined our group. How old is your daughter? Best wishes on your weight loss and future pregnancy.

Rosebud, is your given name Pretty or is that a nickname? I love your username of rosebud, too. Best wishes as you travel through menopause. I believe that drastically curbing caffeine intake helped get me through the hot flashes. Whether that's true or a figment of my imagination doesn't matter in the end.

Nyda, hi! Congrats on the bakery job and on your restraint in eating baked goods. My father was a great baker--he made yeast rolls, breads and doughnuts that make my mouth water just thinking about them. Like you, I needed to come back here for encouragement to be accountable to myself and to share support in this journey to better health.
Age 68, 5 feet tall
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Weight 9/23/2014 doctor visit 233
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