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Hi to Mike! Are you going to post goals or are you just moderating?

Donna, welcome back. I've been gone, too. Incredible how much weight we can gain during the holidays. I wonder if that's our bodies' knee jerk reaction to a sudden onset of fat and calories and maybe it (just the rapid gain part) CAN come off as quickly as we put it on.

lildebbieg, we're always happy to have new people join our group. So welcome! I hope you find the motivation and accountability that you need here. I had in the past and when I left I started regaining. I really do need the support. Oh, thanks for the reminder. I forgot about those handy egg muffins that can be cooked up ahead of time. I enjoy them with broccoli or ham added. I've restarted weight loss many times. Congrats on your net loss to date.

Cassie, hi! I've been gone for many months. OMG, I can't imagine working 60+ hours a week--do you feel both physically and mentally run down? How's your son? I am immensely enjoying babysitting my now four month old great-granddaughter two or three times a week. She's a fun, healthy, happy baby.
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