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Default Motivation?

Happy New Year, y'all! Just stopped by to see if there was Sugar on this site yet. Alas, no. But I thought I'd at least say Hi, and, give an update:

After logging nearly everything I ate for more than 20 months, I stopped logging in October. We rented a beach house for the month of October, and being on vacation and all, I quit logging. I was pretty active that month, and didn't feel like I needed to log any more. Then came the holiday season, opening with that most dreadful holiday, Halloween. That rolled right into Thanksgiving, which was at my house this year. We had Turduckens, and lots of leftovers. Then party, party, party, Christmas. Oh, and of course lobsters for New Years Eve, and lots of Champagne.

So... Today's assessment shows that I'm bumping up on the underside of my original weight loss goal, ~ 5 pounds over my "stretch" goal, and 8 over where I was when I stopped logging. That's right, in the last three months I've gained about eight pounds, (from ~ 112 to 119.5). Or basically about a pound a week since Halloween.

I'd like to get back down to 115 again, as that's a good set point for me. I figure if I can gain a pound a week, I should be able to lose weight like that too, right? But somehow I don't think it'll work like that!

Anyway, it's back to logging for me! I have still been working out, (with a trainer) twice a week, and have been lifting more weight lately, but I don't think lifting is the cause of my weight gain. I'm pretty sure it's purely an ingestion issue. Stop logging = gain weight. So it's back to logging!
And more aerobics. I need to get my stamina up for a ski trip in Feb.

And I might drop back by here once in a while. After all, I wouldn't want to miss poetry month!

- Donna
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