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I debated whether to weigh in on this topic (no pun intended). The running issue is kind of tricky. It is such a great exercise, but it can be really tough on your body. In addition to the weight issue, there is also the experience and fitness level issue to consider.

I've been 30 or so pounds over weight for many years and have completed many races with no more serious side effects than my skinnier sisters. But I have been running off and on for 30 years. I have witnessed much lighter ladies with zero running experience really struggling with soreness and over use injuries because they think that it should be easy... and it ain't. Ultimately many gave up. When I see much heavier folks running sometimes I see guys and gals who really know what they are doing and are obviously pretty fit. But I also see heavy runners with really bad form and I worry about long term, serious injury which will ultimately sideline their fitness goals.

Nessa, you hired a "pro" to help get you started again. It is quite likely that he just wasn't a good match (I think that happens a lot), but it may be that he was giving you some sound, if a bit painful advise. Look carefully at your fitness level, at just how over weight you are (30 pounds is different than 80 pounds from a joint standpoint) and your committment. If you are really committed to building strength and fitness for the long haul, it doesn't really matter whether you start your jogging today or later this summer.

Ultimately it is your decision and you are the only one who knows your body and motivation. But as many have noted here: 'tis better to start slow and enjoy the new lifestyle for ever, than to race ahead with an unrealistic game plan and get discouraged and quit.

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